Just a Weekend at our Country Castle

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While the boys were away golfing, we girls capitalised on our time together for a girls weekend. We went to Harrods, saw Wicked, did some shopping, and oh, you know, stayed at a castle.

I think that castles have to be every girls fantasy. I'll admit I find them incredibly cool and romantic, although I have no idea why. Sure, being a princess would have been great minus a whole lot of things like arranged marriages, those tight corsets, and escorted walks through the garden.

When my friend suggested we splurge and spend a night in a castle close to London, I jumped at the opportunity. That's got to be one of the best parts of being in England, right? Castles galore! At least more galore than in Texas.

Girls at the Castle - photo taken by a nice family from
Wisconsin whose daughter deemed us all nice enough
to get a hug - one for each

So, off to the castle we went. We stayed at Thornbury Castle just outside of Bristol in the cute little town of Thornbury. The town itself was quaint, small, but inviting. And the castle, while I had looked at pictures online, was even better in person. The castle boasts having hosted Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn, of course only after Henry took the castle from the 3rd Duke of Buckingham and had him executed. Later, the castle fell into ruin but was repaired and turned into a hotel.

The Castle backyard - where we may play some croquet on
a summer afternoon, once I learn to play croquet at least

The Castle gardens - which included a tree that was cut into
a little house shape around a bench. Which did not photograph
as prettily.

Besides the rooms, there's a nice library, dining hall, and a beautiful outdoor garden space, including vineyards which are supposedly more than 500 years old.After checking in, we immediately partook in the only thing more British than castles - afternoon tea. And while I have never been much of a tea drinker, I have learned a bit more of an appreciation of the art of tea drinking during my time in Turkey. But British tea takes the cake (or biscuit perhaps). We had delicious peppermint tea with an assortment of scones, chocolates, tarts, pastries, jam and some delicious kind of creamy buttery goodness.

Tea and crumpets

The castle is within walking distance to the town, which we went to explore and walk off our afternoon tea. What the town lacks in size and dining options, they make up for in hospitality. While playing darts at the local pub, the White Lion, we were befriended by several locals who took us out for a night on the town, including lots of dancing and lots of cider. After which I promptly put my tired self into a giant, tudor style bed.

Gives a new meaning to Queen size bed

I'm thinking I may have some more castle visits in my future!

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