Bond is here!

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In Turkey, we were always habitually behind on movies. Most things didn't even come out on time in Turkey, much less before the United States. Sometimes you might have to wait a couple months for a movie if it wasn't a major blockbuster like Twilight, Hunger Games, or the Avengers.

So imagine my surprise when I hear that not only does Skyfall (aka the newest James Bond flick) open two weeks before the US in London, but we also get a premiere!

Daniel Craig upclose and personal - at least for whoever
is interviewing him or standing closer to the screen

So, while I was traipsing around Wales for work, I sent Paul off to the Skyfall premiere. It was at the Royal Albert Hall and not only included all the stars, but other A - C list celebrities, such as the X Factor judges and contestants.

The red carpet itself

And while they couldn't get a close up of Daniel Craig who was supposedly veeeerrrry tan, it's still such a fun experience. All the fans, all the paparazzi, all the actors and the huge spectacle of it.

This must have been someone important

After the premiere, which we were so unfortunately not invited too (I'm sure it was just lost in the mail!), we had to wait a few more days until Friday to see the film.

While I do love movies and James Bond, lately action films have all been a bit too actiony for me - yes, I get it, explosions and gun fights are exciting..... but I say to a point. So for me, the whole attraction of this film was that part of it was filmed in Istanbul. Remember, Paul even caught them filming!

It made me so nostalgic to watch Istanbul on the big screen - the crowded streets, the mosques framing the skyline, the call to prayers and the hustle and bustle of it all. Things that perhaps even seemed annoying at the time, now seem charming and make me think fondly of the place I called home for the last year.

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