Harrod's in London

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While I anxiously wait for Paul's arrival in London, I have yet to do any real exploring. I've been to London several times for sightseeing, and it seems not quite right to go picking out a favorite restaurant without him.

So, I've been laying low the last few weeks. Easy dinners at home (aka pasta, no real cooking yet!), casual dinners with friends and co-workers, to and from the office.

This weekend though, my friend from Istanbul came into town to visit me and another friend who used to live in Istanbul. A girl's weekend was the perfect excuse to get myself into gear and out of the house.

The very first thing we did on her first night in London was visit Harrod's. This was fine by me, as this was a site I hadn't yet visited! While I'm not much of a shopper and/or spender, I think it's still every girls fantasy land to walk through Harrods with the purses, shoes and tons of other designer goods.

I will say, I was very surprised though. Outside of the shopping, there was so much more to it. There was pastries, chocolates, steaks, chicken and all types of food. Anyone could get lost in there checking out all the amazing eats. My favorite was definitely the chocolate, as friends know I have quite a sweet tooth. This wasn't just your average whooper though; chocolates came in every shape, size, and flavor. While I came out empty handed this time due to extreme self control, I know I won't be so lucky every time.

So many choices! How's a girl to choose?

Mummies can be delicious

Who wouldn't want to eat a skull
in honor of Halloween?

And you thought I was eating healthy! But I only tricked you -
candy (marzipan) fruit

The last thing we checked out was Christmas World. I wasn't sure what we were going to look at when my friend asked if we could stop by.  I think Christmas World describes it just right though. There are plenty of decorations to put you into the holiday spirit, along with the trees, ornaments, wrapping paper, cards and more they sell there.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I wasn't sure what to expect on my first visit to Harrod's, but it exceeded all my expectations. There is a little bit for everyone to enjoy (if not a whole lot to enjoy!) in this iconic London shopping center. Plus, you're just steps away from even more fabulous shopping if you haven't already emptied your wallet.

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