Across the pond and Jet lag

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Until this most recent trip, I had not been back to the States since March. Just enough time to miss Mexican food and cheap goods like all my favorite beauty products.  And apparently just enough time to forget how completely and utterly terrible jet lag is.

I flew in on a Friday afternoon with big plans of shopping and Tex-Mex. Instead, my sister picked me up at 2 pm only for me to promptly fall asleep at 6 pm. Then wake up at 8:30. Then go to bed at 11. Then wake up at 4 am. Then give up at 5:30 am and get out of bed.

Oh yes, I forgot about that.

So, I worked through the week, saw friends and family, enjoyed our friends wedding, and then I had to hit a flight home.

All was well and good until they cancelled my flight and squished me into one of the middle seats on the 9 hour plane ride. The WORST nightmare of someone who a) doesn't sleep on planes and b) is taking a red-eye flight back to London.

But, low and behold, day 2 in London and I am not jet lagged in the least. A 2 hour cat nap on the plane Sunday night, an 11 pm bed time last night and I am rocking to London time already. I swear it is easier to go East than West.

Besides fighting jet lag, what did we do on the other side of the pond? I can honestly say, not much.

The highlight of our trip was our friends Chelsey and Stuart's wedding.

One of the hardest parts of being an expat are missing out on these major life events. Weddings, births, funerals, etc. Without unlimited vacation and cash, it just isn't possible to make it back for every event you would like to. That's what made it so serendipitous about this trip - it happened to coincide exactly with a trip I needed to make for work! So lucky and glad to have been a part of this special day.

We caught the bride on film on the way into the wedding!

Picturesque wedding setting? I think so

We finally got to wear our custom clothes!
Paul got another wear out of his custom suit
and my dress made its debut

And I will wrap up with my apologies for a lack of blogging. Really, I promise more to come as we explore London.

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