TBT: Belize

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I would not necessarily call myself "hip" or "technology-savvy."  I am almost always behind the curve, finally joined Instagram in December and just now got around to creating a Facebook Page for followers of the blog to get updates and more pictures than I can post on here (so "like" it for all the info!).

As I was scrolling through Instagram updates last week, I came across a hashtag I didn't understand - like so many  hashtags out there. After a quick google search, I learned what the hype was.

#TBT.  Throw-back Thursday. Not sure why Thursday was picked in favor of Tuesday, but there you have it. And now every Thursday, I will know what I am in store for. Childhood pictures of my friends put up on Instagram.

It inspired me - not to put awkward teen pics onto Instagram, but to create a TBT of my own. We have lots of trips and activities to share from pre-blog times.

So, for my first TBT we'll look at the first trip as Tarts - our honeymoon in Belize. We picked Belize because it had beaches and was a direct (and short) flight from Dallas. 3 hours and you're there.

There are many parts of Belize you can visit, but we headed over to San Pedro. After landing in Belize City, we hopped on our teeny plane, two rows behind our pilot, and after 30 minutes of craning our necks to view the water, we found ourselves on the island. One runway, a plywood shack with a roped off area in the dirt for baggage claim, yes, we had arrived.

As one of the main activities is scuba-diving, we got certified in advance and spend half our days there underwater making friends with the little fishies, in many cases big fishies and even a couple of friendly sharks.

Who is bigger? Paul or the fish?

Reef Canyon - breathtaking

Snorkeling during our surface time, we found some friends

When we weren't diving or beach lounging, we headed to the mainland to visit Lamanai Ruins. These Mayan ruins boasted inhabitants as early as the 16th BC, but were not re-discovered until the 1970's. Like many ruins in Central America, tourists can climb and explore to their hearts desire. We spent a day enjoying the ruins and the fantastic views they afforded of the jungle.

The High Temple
And the steep climb up

Then it was back to San Pedro and the beach.


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