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While I wouldn't usually call myself a museum lover, I've been itching lately to get over to the Victoria & Albert Museum.

What was the attraction? Fashion. They have a whole section dedicated to fashion. and yet again, this is the only part of the museum I remember from my first trip to London oh so long ago.

We headed to the museum on Sunday closer to closing time - giving us just enough time to see what we want, but hopefully avoid some of the crowds. First up, after getting a map, we wound our away along the halls lined with treasures from around the globe until we reached the fashion exhibit. Starting in the 1800's, the exhibit gives a chronological look at fashion trends. From hunting attire, to ball gowns, to modern day designers, it's fun to look at how things have changed.

Oh, that hat.

Imagine walking through a doorway! At least it hides hips

These are bathing suits and a more literal bathing SUIT
on the right. Stylish at the beach

After our walk through some of the best (and possibly worst) fashion trends, we had an hour to check out the museum. We stared at the map, trying to figure out what else there was to see in the museum.

The answer? Everything! It is one of the most eclectic museums I have ever seen in the most wonderful kind of way. I think there truly must be something for everyone.

We first wandered through the Metal section which included a hallway filled with wrought iron. The collection came from all over London. As homes and buildings were torn down, these little, seemingly insignificant pieces were saved and found their way to the V&A. Balconies, handrails, fences, locks, they are all there. The best part is learning the little bits of history that go with each piece and the aha moment when you find a piece and know exactly where the building used to be!

On our way to look over the cast court, we passed this piece of architecture that we spied on the way in.

Added to the Hereford Cathedral in the 19th C, it was
removed in the 20th C as it wasn't "in style"

The Cast Courts are currently closed for walking through, but you still have the chance to spy from above. While not originals, these are casts of important pieces from all around the world. As the originals may have fallen into disrepair, become lost or destroyed, these casts hold even more importance. You can't help but stop to stare for a moment at Trajan's Column cast as it looms over you, even from your perch on the second floor.

Two pieces of the Trajan column cast

And then, it was closing time already and we were shuffled out with the crowds back onto the streets of South Kensington.

But, we will be back soon to see more of what the V&A has to offer, including the special exhibit on the iconic David Bowie.

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  1. The fashion gallery has all beautiful collections from ball gowns to wedding frocks.