Our Afternoon in Bath

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Following our morning trip to Stonehenge, we continued our trek West to Bath.

I was hesitant to go. I remembered visiting the Roman Bath (in Bath), during my first visit to the UK in the 90's. I remembered being bored and unexcited by it.

Remember when I mentioned viewing old haunts through the eyes of a sullen teenager? Well, that definitely was the perspective applied to my memories of Bath.

It left me wanting more time to explore the city and take it all in.

The city was built by the Romans, but became fashionable in the 18th century after Queen Elizabeth I visited the city. You can tell how important it was by the prominence of Bath in Jane Austen's novel (or at least in my opinion that shows it's importance!)

After grabbing a bite a local pub, we wandered to the nearby Bath Cathedral. The architecture was beautiful - you walk in and your eyes are immediately drawn up to the high ceilings with intricate decorations to hide the supporting buttresses. We wandered among the tombs lining the floors (just like in Westminster Abbey) and sat and marveled at the cathedral.

The old main entrance to the cathedral
Inside the Bath Cathedral

Right next door is the Roman Baths, where people used to soak in the warm waters, which was supposed to cure illnesses. Despite Bath having already exceeded by expectations, I decided not to push it and as I remembered it well, skipped out on the tour to wander around the streets of Bath. Luckily, Paul went through to document it however. Below the current site, you can see some of the remains of the original Roman Bath.

Roman Baths with the Cathedral in the
background. See the steam rising?
Small street with shops in Bath

When Paul was done, we strolled back to our pick-up spot with a detour to a scenic spot I had seen on the way into town - the Pulteney Bridge. This is a bridge reminiscent of Italy, with shops lining the inside. Under the bridge, the river runs through it, making it a picture perfect spot. We posed, snapped, then enjoyed the view for a more minutes, before returning back to the city.

Posing at Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge - see the windows of the shops?

 Looking forward to returning to Bath for at least an overnight - and this time, with a visit to the baths!

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