Our Visit to the Circle of Rocks

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Otherwise known as Stonehenge.

We had been meaning to do it for awhile. But laziness and the cold weather had put a damper on the thought of leaving the house.

But yet again, visitors come to save the day. Or at least make us put aside our lazy tendencies, force us to clean and leave our house.

With friends visiting who had done all the beaten-track London sights, we headed a bit outside of town to Stonehenge and Bath for the day.

What to say about Stonehenge? Well, even our tour guide warned us in advance. It can be a bit disappointing. It is literally a circle of rocks standing, or not quite standing, in somewhat disrepair.

The most interesting part of it is all the questions surrounding it. Why did they build it there? Some of the rocks came from Wales, over 150 miles away. Why was it so important to get these giant rocks to this particular spot.

What was it for? They assume a burial ground, but then again, some thing it was a place for some kind of religious ritual?

The rocks - they have started to wear over the years. The
rock in the middle was cemented in the 60's or 70's to
keep it from falling over

How did they build it? Everything from getting the rocks there to putting them on top of each other was a feat in those times without our cranes and eighteen wheelers.

Standing behind the rope way out from the rocks. According to
the guide, they may open up access to all tourists to the
middle. Or, you can make special reservations before/after
opening to visit in a smaller tour group.

Our guide had answers for everything, but being that annoying tourist, I always had questions of how do they know? Yes, I was that girl.

After the Q&A on the drive over, we arrived at Stonehenge. We were given an hour to explore, but given the fact it was snowing/raining, hovering right at freezing level and you just walk in a giant circle around the rocks, we were done in 20 (with 5 of those posing the group for photos). Then it was back on the bus and off to Bath.

Rocks up close courtesy of zoom. And that's all folks

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