Turkey Bucket List

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I have never kept a real bucket list. I think I have a place in my brain where I make notes of things I would like to do and places I would like to go. I also think this is the same places where I keep information like why did I just get up off the couch and walk into the bedroom?

So, if you get my point, I never really remember all of it. So, I have decided to make a formal, printed online bucket list for Turkey and then try to get as much done as I can. And yes, I'm putting things on here I have already done to make my list look like I have accomplished something. Let's be honest, we all do that sometimes, right?


Visit Aya Sofia

Visit the Blue Mosque

Visit Topkapi

Visit Dolmabahce Palace and check out the aviary

Visit Chora Church

Visit Suleymaniye Mosque

Climb the City Walls

Take a Bosphorus Boat Cruise

Haggle at the Grand Bazaar for a rug

Visit the Basilica Cisterns

Buy some spices from the Spice Market

 Go to a meyhane

Check out the views from the top of the Galata Tower

Take a ride from Europe to Asia
Ride a bike on one of the Princes Islands
Smoke nargile
Take a Bosphorus Boat Cruise at night
Hang among the 'glamorous' at Suada (that little island owned by Galatasaray)
Brave up and try a hamam
See the Whirling Dervishes
Roam the ruins of Rumeli Fortress
Take a trip to Asia to check out Beyberli Palace

Other parts of Turkey:
Revitalise in the springs at Pamukkale

Play among the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia

Ignore my fear of heights and take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

Tour the Gallipoli Battle Grounds

Search for Brad Pitt in the ancient ruins of Troy

Relax on a boat in Bodrum

Wander the ancient ruins of Ephesus

Sate my curiosity of why men wrestling in oil is a spectacle in Edirne
Catch the sun rising over Mt. Neirut
Trekk to Trabzone and the nearby monestary
Imagine we live in old Ottoman times in Safranbolu
Soak up the sun in Oludeniz and Fetiye
Take a drive along the Lycian Way
See the dervishes in Konya

I will try to keep this as an ongoing list - adding pictures when I've knocked one off the list or found something else fabulous to add.

Other expats of and/or visitors to Turkey - what are some of your must not miss sites I should add to my list?

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