2012 Trip #7 - Bodrum, Turkey

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Remember that time when I kept hoping it would stop being cold and start warming up? Let me go back to that time and recall my wish. It has finally warmed up here in Istanbul - everyday last week was reminiscent of Texas, but without the luxury of central A.C. everywhere. And, with everyone cranking up their A.C.'s, we've lost power in our neighborhood a few times.

We decided that this was the perfect weekend to escape the heat and head towards the water in Bodrum. The city is a lot like the smaller cities we have visited in Greece - lots of tourists, foreigners and beautiful water. 

Unlike our usual activity filled getaways, we were relaxed vacationers. The weekend consisted of basically lounging around by the water, whether it was on a boat, by the pool, or the deck. We hired a boat to go out to other bays, we snorkeled, had lunch and drinks on the boat, sunbathed and then did some more snorkeling, then more sunbathing. You don't even need to paddle here, you are so buoyant in the water you can just lay back and float by. 

We did take one night to go into the city for dinner and drinks. The city itself is charming too - lots of places to stroll with a view of the water, some interesting little shops and restaurants. Other than that, my experience with the city itself was limited. I didn't even try to get myself out to the castle! Another time, another trip.

 The "beach" - like most other places in the Mediterranean, it isn't very sandy beaches, but the water is beautiful

 Our ride for the day

Soaking up some sun on the boat

 Ships in the Bodrum harbor

 Shopping in Bodrum - the canopy of vines overhead makes it feel like its indoors almost

Quick History
- Bodrum used to be called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times. The city housed the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World.
- The Father of History, Herodotus, was from Halicarnassus.
- The first castle in the town is thought to have been built in 1100 BC, although St Peter's Castle was built upon its remains.

What to see - well, like I said, we saw nothing. BUT these are suggestions from others with us who had visited before.

- St Peter's Castle
- Museum of Underwater Archeology
- The water: rent a boat, jet ski, paddle boat, or simply float in the water.

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  1. Merhaba! Found your blog through expat-blog....hope you are enjoying your time in Turkey! I wish we were at the beach right now too.

    In case you don't know about it, PAWI is a great group to meet other American-Canadian expats in Istanbul. We meet on 2nd Saturday of each month. Cheers, Joy

  2. Hi Joy! I've been following your blog - thanks for stopping by! We are definitely trying to soak up every minute of our time in Turkey.

    Thanks for the tip about PAWI - I had heard about it but hadn't made time to stop by. Hopefully I can check it out in July!