J'aime Paris

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I love Paris. I visited Paris and London on my first Europe trip almost 15 years ago. I've been back a few times since (including backpacking with Paul) and still manage to keep the love affair strong.

Of course there's awful things about Paris - the overpriced and touristy food, the reek of the underground system and the fear of pickpockets more so than any other place I've been.

But then, you stand under the Eiffel Tower for the hundreth time and still wonder how a big hunk of metal could be so delicate and lovely.
Or you sit at a classical music concert in the beautiful stained glass chapel of Saint Chappelle and feel like it must be a dream, the setting is so unreal.

Or you find yourself simply wandering the streets and stumble upon the hidden beauty of Jardins des Luxbembourgs, the perfect spot on a sunny day to pop up a bottle of champagne and people watch.

Or even just talking a stroll by the Louvre (whether or not you go in to glance around it's treasures) and catching the sunlight or moonlight at the perfect moment to mask everything in a glow.


Then, as you wander back to your hotel in the ecclectic Montmarte neighborhood, you'll smile as you discover the Love Wall or even Amelie's favourite diner, and know that your Paris love affair will continue despite the people, smells and your poor French skills. So, you celebrate with a glass of wine, perhaps a crepe and bask in the glow of l'amore.


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