I'm back!

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I've been a bad blogger lately, but that's mostly to blame on being a good traveller.

The last 3 months have found me in: Israel, Sweden, USA, Belgium, JordanDubai, Wales, France, South Africa, Belgium again and Italy.

While I've been racking up frequent flyer points, I haven't exactly been finding time to blog. I know, what a sob story, but to be honest, it's tough. I lived out of a suitcase with only 12 hours at home in a 3 week period. I've had at least 5 overnight flights within a few weeks, which has seriously disrupted my sleep cycle. I've missed out on seeing Paul and Belle, and missed dinners and outings with friends.

Besides the busy travel schedule, add in work, (and if you had read closely) moving house then all the day to day things that seem to add up when you're out of town (hello laundry!) and it has left zero time for personal things, much less blogging.

It also means that I am ecstatic about the next two months where I have very little work travel and nothing planned for Paul and I. While I'm sure something will come up, it's a bit freeing to having nothing big on the calendar for the next 5 months.

So, this summer will be filled with London and me time. I'm starting up running and catching up on reading, working on my French (bonjour) and of course, blogging. I've got lots of things to catch up on before I forget them, so this summer will still be filled with blogs of my travel adventures, just not quite real time.

But first, I better go fold some laundry and pack up boxes!

Looking forward to beautiful summer days in London!

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  1. Wow - sounds like a very busy three months. So many destinations. And you moved house. I'm well impressed.
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

    1. Not quite moved yet, but soon :) Hopefully we'll pull it off!