The Lakes of Kenya

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Our second to last stop in Kenya was what I will call their version of the Lake District. It was an interesting contrast to the dry, arid climate and landscape of Samburu.

There were two main reasons for visiting Lake Nakuru -

1. The Flamingos - while after many have moved to Bogoria after a rise in water levels, there are still some of these pink beauties to spy here on the lake.

2. The Rhinos - in the 80's, the park was designated as a rhino sanctuary, home to both black and white rhinos. It has been sad to read in the news, however, of continued poaching in the area.

In addition to these, we saw lots of other treasures at Nakuru during our game drive, including the Rothschild Giraffe and a pride of lions lounging on the rocks. This lion was the closest we got to what everyone expects of a lion - big mane and all. Of course, our best spot though was a rhino with her baby, running around the fields (or at least what seemed like running for them).

 After Nakuru, we headed to another nearby lake, Lake Naivasha. This was a different type of "game drive" given that we were actually on a boat and focusing on birds, not beasts. The weather was chilly and rain seemed to be iminent, so we did our tour a bit quicker than we would have liked, but even in the short time, we saw lots of water fowl - storks, eagles and more birds I couldn't tell you the names of! It was also a great opportunity to spot lots of hippos in their favorite locale, the water.

We spent one night nearby Lake Naivasha, where we watched hippos come up to dry land for a midnight snack, before heading off to the final (and biggest) attraction of our trip - Masai Mara!

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