Karibu Kenya

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Last week, we somewhat fell of the face of the earth into a land with little wifi, a chance to get away from the human world and find ourselves in the animal world.

It was our first trip into what I would consider real Africa. (No offense, Eygpt, but you are more of the mysterious Middle East, with mosques, sand, camels and old architecture).

Kenya was what most people would think of when they think Africa - the animals, the landscapes, the dust, the people.

Our focus this trip, was the animals. We were doing a 7 day safari, hoping to spot the big 5 and catch the wildebeest as they crossed the rivers into Kenya.  Instead of spending all our time in Masaai Mara, we spent our time around many different of the parks in Kenya.

Our first stop was Aberdares - not the national park this time, but a lodge nearby. While the park around the lodge wasn't large enough (or populated by game) for a game drive, it gave us the perfect opportunity to walk around among the wildlife.

First thing spotted - the infamous warthog. The whole trip, I continually found myself singing 'When he was a young warthog...'  My favorite thing about them are the little tails which raise up as they walk around.

As we continued the walk, we saw all kinds of things - gazelles, baboons, dik dik - but the best were when we came upon the zebras & giraffes. It was the first of many awe inspiring moments of the trip.

After our nature walk, we sat in the room and watched as nature surrounded us - baboons coming & going, warthogs wandering, peacocks (just for show but beautiful nonetheless) - and the excitement continued to grow, as the best part of the trip was yet to come.

More to come on our week worth of animal sightings - we've been busy with lots of dusty laundry and getting ready for my parents arrival!

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