The Royal Baby

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I'm sorry I haven't finished writing about my love affair with Prague.

But, important things have been happening here in London, in case you haven't read the news.

The royal baby has been born! I was so excited to be in London for this event, not just living here, but actually in town. I know it may seem silly to some (perhaps especially the Brits), but it's an important moment in history when you think about the fact that this is the future king.

Either way, I let myself get swept up into the drama of it.

We had bets at work - boy or girl (I lost with girl); then the name (and this one I won with George).

I went by the major sites too, braving the crowds to take in the experience of welcoming in the newest member of the royal family.

Part I after birth: The announcement of the birth is placed outside Buckingham Palace. In past times, the baby was often born at their palace or home, making this more symbolic. In fact, Kate is only the second to have gone through birth at the hospital. Anyways, the announcement of the birth lets you know that the baby was a boy, was 8 lb 6 oz and is healthy, signed by the appropriate doctor folks.  This sits outside Buckingham for 24 hours, but of course, I went as soon as it was announced to take part in the chaos. On Tuesday, I hear things were much more organised, with lines and everything.

45 minutes to get close enough to see it

The crowds at 10 pm on a Monday night

Some (not me)  say the full moon helped speed up the birth. 

Part II:: The homecoming. Kate gave birth at St. Mary's Hospital, which is less than a 5 minute walk from my office. On Tuesday, on the way home, I decided to pop by and see the fuss. These camera men & reporters had been staking out their spots for TWO WEEKS to ensure they got the best shot. This meant I couldn't see much of anything, just a little glimpse of the door. This glimpse afforded me a look at Prince Charles & Camilla as they left from their visit to their son & daughter-in-law. I decided with impending rain to give up on the Kate & William live watch, and instead watch from home.

Most watched door of all time?

Its hard to decide if you envy their shot or pity their
lives for the last two weeks

I suppose the excitement is all over now that the name has been announced, but who knows. Perhaps there's a parade forthcoming? Either way, welcome to the world George Alexander Louis.

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