Cruising the Thames

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When anyone asked me my favorite thing about Istanbul, my answer was always, emphatically, the Bosphorus. I loved looking over the water each and every day, and could probably go on and on (and on) about it.

In London, I've lost some of that connection to the water. Sure, we've got a small canal close to our flat, but the Thames is a good trek across the city. Plus, I've never felt it could compare to the Bosphorus - it doesn't have anything of the Bosphorus' beautiful blue color.

Recently though, I had the chance to take a cruise in the evening along the Thames and may have changed my tune.

What it lacks in natural beauty (and yes, it's muddy brown waters aren't all that lovely), it makes up for in man-made beauty. A two hour cruise finds you passing Parliament, the London Eye, St. Paul's, Shakespeare's Globe, the Tower of London & Tower Bridge, and so many other important and more oftehn than not, historical buildings. It reminded me of one of the reasons that I (and so many other people) decided to call London  home.

First & last stop - Parliament
London Eye & blue skies
New vs. Old - the newly built Shard along side the Tower Bridge 
Tower of London and the Traitor's Gate - may be beautiful from our view,
 but I'm sure it didn't look thatway to people who had to enter through this gate pre-20th century
Sunset over Parliament

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