Wangfujing in Beijing

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During our time in Beijing, we stayed at a hotel near Wangfujing. I picked it because it seemed to be the perfect location, both central, close to transit lines and restaurants.

Little did I know that it was the BEST location to stay at in Beijing.

Wangfujing literally translates to Prince's Mansion Well, as this location was home to many aristocratic mansions during the Qing dynasty. According to the legend,  the location had a well that was famous for it's sweet water.

Now, Wangfujing is the walking street of Beijing. With this, there are tons of restaurants, shops and more off the street. It's the Taksim of Beijing and even without cars is full of pedestrians.

We wandered one night to try out some Peking Duck at Quan Ju De - Paul's first taste of the crispy skinned duck. Afterwards, we decided to wander the streets.

I was certainly glad we ate before, because while the food from the street vendors was great for pictures, not so much up my alley for eating.

So we strolled, soaked up the craziness and exoticism of it all, then turned our happy tummies back to bed and left the fried scorpions for others to enjoy.

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