Copenhagen Continued

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Our first day in Copenhagen, we were busy little tourists, meaning that for day 2, we decided to take it a bit slower and relax.

To start our day, we first decided to brunch. We had read about a little place in our New York Times European travel book and thought we would give it a try. It wasn't necessarily traditional Scandinavian food, but we were happy to find a buffet and stuffed ourselves full of crepes, eggs, sausages and other deliciousness. It was a great little spot on the lake where we could people watch, mostly joggers and families walking around.

After we were full, we started our walk back into the city. Our final destination was Tivoli Gardens, but first, we had passed by a castle that we decided needed more investigation. First, we wandered through the gardens of Rosenborg Castle. The grounds were beautiful and people were lounging in the sun in usual European style.

The gardens of Rosenborg with the castle in the background.
And do not worry, there was a moat!

The castle was originally built as a Summer House by Christian IV in 1606 and was a royal residence until 1710. The House is divided up into sections based off the various royals who lived there. There isn't much details in the signs, so it may be worthwhile to invest in an audio guide if you're hoping for more information on the history. The castle has 3 floors - many filled with relics from the past inhabitants. My favorite was the top floor which included the thrones. His and Hers thrones flanked by lions, with the his throne made of narwhal tusk.
The Kings Throne on the left, the Queens on the right

After the interior, we ventured down into the cellar area for the true sight to see - the Royal Treasury. The only other treasury I have visited was the Tower of London; while London has more in their collection, you're able to get more up close and person with those at Rosenborg and don't need to worry about the crowds surrounding the jewels.

After picking out my future jewelry, we finally headed to Tivoli Gardens.  First, we stopped for a quick bite before heading out to the true attraction of the gardens. While there are some gardens and greenery as the name implies, the biggest reason to visit is the amusement park. Full of roller coasters, games, bumper cards and little eateries, it's like a European Six Flags.

I am not a fan of roller coasters (it's been at least 10 years since I have ridden one), so while I ventured out to a few of the tamer rides at first, I decided to avoid anything that went upside down. I did well at first, being a great purse holder and photo taker while the others enjoyed their crazy dangerous rides. We then took a break at an Augustiner beer garden to enjoy a litre of beer, which turned out more successful than our last trip to a beer garden.

Sarah and I at Tivoli Gardens
After our break, we continued our rides. I was, however, talked into joining this time. I tried a couple different ones, and while I would not say I'm a convert, I survived my time at Tivoli!

One of the roller coasters I did NOT try in the background 
We wandered the park, eating, talking, enjoying the rides until the park closed. The last thing we were able to catch were the beautiful lights, reflecting on the water and a special lights show for the evening.

Another coaster I didn't ride (swear I tried some though!)
And with that, our time in Copenhagen was just about over, with only a few more smushies to enjoy the next day. It was a great mix of sightseeing, eating, relaxation and time with friends.

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