Brussels in a Day

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Part of my job involves travelling - lots of travelling. I remember times in Dallas where I was gone at least once a week off to Houston, Port Arthur, California, Chicago and who knows where else.

One of the best things about travelling in Europe is that you no longer have to take day trips to Houston. Sure, I have to take day trips for work still, but now I take day trips to France. Sounds so sophisticated doesn't it?

Yes, apart from waking up at 7, flying twice in one day, taking taxis around unknown cities and returning past dinner time it is so sophisticated. Okay, even if it isn't quite sophisticated, it definitely beats Houston.

When I travel, outside of the meetings and working from the hotel room, I try to make the best of trips. I'm there, in a new city, let's see something! Even if its nothing much, I have something to say about the trip.

This week, I found myself with some time in Belgium. So, what did I do with myself and my day in Brussels?

1. Walk to the square - it was cool. I wish I would have thought ahead and brought my camera, because it had to be one of the most picturesque squares I have been in.

My terrible Blackberry photos do not do
the square justice. When will my
phone upgrade happen?!

2. See the fountain - yes, THE fountain with the little guy peeing. It was tiny and unspectacular. But, hey, I've seen it now. (In proper circles, it is called Manneken Pis - translating to Little Man Pee in the local dialect).

All the replicas throughout the city are larger
than the statue itself. Oh, and they dress him in costumes.

3. Ate a waffle - Sound familiar? I at least got Belgian chocolate on it to make it authentic. And mmmm, it was delicious.

That's it. One day and a couple of hours. I've gotten just enough of a taste to bring me back for more!

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