My Istanbul Love

07:05 Alyson Tart 3 Comments

I have an obsession. Okay, well I really have lots of obsessions, including (but not limited to): dark chocolate, Glee, singing aloud in the car and the Bosphorus.

As I have mentioned before, the Bosphorus is my favorite part of Istanbul. We have a fantastic view of the water from our apartment and I love seeing the different "faces" of the Bosphorus each day. Some days it is grey, some days it is blue, some days it is foggy, some days it is eerily calm.

The Bosphorus seems to me like a life line through Istanbul. It is such a huge part of people's lives. The parks on the water are always crowded with families and friends on weekends, enjoying picnics, each others companies and the view. There are fishermen off all kinds of bridges and seawalls throughout the city trying to catch something more than the usual 4 inch fishies. Ferries dart across the Bosphorus all day making it important to people going from Europe to Asia.

Other than these, my obsession with the Bosphorus comes from the effect the view has on me. No matter what mood I'm in, the views of the water are so calming. Whether its sneaking a quick glance in during the middle of my work day, or sitting outside for a drink after dinner, I always find the quiet my mind needs when I look into the beautiful blues of the Bosphorus.

Here are some of my all-time favorite "faces" of my obsession:

Everyday, sunny Bosphorus

Foggy Bosphorus

The morning after a snow Bosphorus

The Bosphorus "highway"

The stormy Bosphorus

Bosphorus at night

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  1. The Bosphorus also is one of my main reasons why I love Istanbul too. There's something calming and relaxing about it no matter what kind of day I've had. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful Alyson!

  3. Very well said Alyson! I describe Bosphorus and Istanbul like this to my friends here in the US, but growing up in Istanbul it always feels I might be biased to like Istanbul. But hearing it from a foreigner confirms my love to Istanbul not so much biased. I was a collegue of Paul btw back at xto. Its great to see you guys are enjoying your time in Turkey.