Belle's Life in Turkey

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I will preface this post by saying that I started to write it from the dog's perspective.  Yes, you heard me right, a post from Belle.  After about a paragraph, I decided I just couldn't do it. I may talk to Belle, but she doesn't talk back, so who knows what she's really thinking? That and I thought it may be the first step to becoming crazy dog lady.  You're welcome Belle (and readers).

In Texas, Belle had a nice yard, lounged around all day while we were away, got excited when we got home, played and sometimes (probably not as often as she should have) got a nice walk around the block in the evenings. It was the life.

Or was it?

At first, when she got to Turkey, she wasn't so sure.  Grass? Steps? No other puppies? I think that Turkey has won her over though.  It's a dog's life.

She loves the balcony, the queen of her domain, watching over the birds and cats and water below.

Luckily for Belle, there is a cat lady who lives in the apartment next to us.
This provides hours of entertainment from her perch on the balcony

She loves the cats. I hate that she loves the cats, but she loves them nonetheless.  Every walk she is trying to sniff them out under cars, under trash cans, in the park. The other night, I sat and watched her in a 5 minute stare down with a calico cat in front of our apartment.  Someday perhaps she will finally make a cat friend.

She loves all the exercise. She gets more walking now than she ever did in Texas. I mean, the walk up to the street is enough to make me tired, not to mention the walks to soccer games, the park, the water. Pretty much walk everywhere since we have no car!

Pass it to me! I have been working out to become the next Air Bud!

She loves the people.  They may not all love her yet, but she is slowly winning them over and it gets better every day as people start to recognize her, or notice that she wags her tail, not barks to attack.  A few of my favorite stories of her new friends:
  • The Valets - we walk sometimes with Paul to work or meet him over at his office building; as we walk, we pass a lot of valets. People tend to shy away but one of the valet beckoned her over to him. As Paul loves to show off her tricks, he said BANG and down she went to play dead. They loved it. That may be an understatement because they still say BANG whenever I walk by, whether or not Belle is accompanying me.  And yes, I probably walk this way at least 4 times a week. 
  • The Park Manager - we take Belle everyday to our neighborhood park to play or take care of business.  If there are not many people there, we let her off the leash and sometimes there are other dogs that she can run around with.  The Park Manager seems to know these other dogs by name and one day asked me a question in Turkish. There was some shrugging on my end and pointing on his end, and finally I decided that I thought he was asking for the dog's name.  To help clarify, I answered in English "Her name is Belle." Now, he calls her "Hernameisbelle". 
  • The Neighborhood Men - this may be my favorite story yet. Yesterday during our jaunt to the park, she caught some of the men's attention as she almost literally inhaled the little pieces of bread they were throwing for the birds. I was embarrassed, thinking they thought she was an out of control dog (which she sometimes acts like in the park). Instead of getting mad, they got more bread. They just threw more and more bread at her and laughed as she ran around with giant pieces of bread in her mouth. As much as I did not want her eating more bread, I couldn't help it and just laughed with them.  Goofball/spazz dog? Absolutely.

    Ropes AND hot dogs? Awesome.  
    Note: this toy now is just a rope.  Hot dogs have been destroyed!

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