Jack Frost Strikes Again

19:39 Alyson Tart 0 Comments

After four straight days of snow last week, I thought we were in the clear.  Despite Punxsutawney Phil's warning, I was hoping that winter was over and we could start preparing for Spring! We had a beautiful weekend of 7 degrees celsius with the sun shining and no sign of snow (past or present).

Okay, fine, groundhog - you win.  Today, winter struck again.  More snow! It has been a record breaking winter here.  Apparently the most snow, or coldest weather, or something like that, in 30 years.  Yikes. 

Positive spin to it all? Belle loves it.  We took a stroll through the neighborhood this morning and snapped a few shots.

The stairs - this is when Belle realizes, YES, we are going for a walk!!

 Our favorite walk spot - the neighborhood park

 The neighborhood park tribute to Ataturk - sometimes he is dressed up with a coat and hat for the cold weather, but he wasn't prepared this time


 Okay, done for the day

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