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I am happy to have finally made it to Istanbul! While the tourist in me was nagging at me as soon as I got here to get out and explore, I was a bit jet lagged, and it was rainy, so rather we spent our first weekend like any other lazy weekend.

We went to lunch - I was so excited to see avocado on the menu that I promptly ordered it.  While I will say that I was disappointed (more like that "guacamole" spread you get in the Northeast), I have a feeling it may taste a whole letter better if I hadn't just gone on a Mexican food craze prior to leaving.

We went to the grocery store - we have a small local grocery nearby (Gourmet Garage) and I promptly used the excuse of having no clue where it was to make Paul go with me - nothing too unusual here except that you don't get to pick your own produce.  You tell them what you want (right now there is a whole lot of pointing til I learn more food names) and they put it together for you.

We went to the mall - where you have to go through a security detector to get into.  I feel like I'm back at Paschal High School again.

We went to the movies - they do have American films, although it seems like many of them come out much later here (except Twilight: Breaking Dawn does open next week here too!).  Best part - you get to pick your seat, so if you get there in time, you don't have to be stuck with that front row, crane your neck seat.  Also, they have an intermission with commercials.  Kind of nice if you need a potty break, or in Paul's case to get some refreshments.

So that's all (so far) folks.  More stories to come of our adventures as I work to get the dog over here (perhaps another blog this week on that fiasco), get a cell phone, get the apartment set-up, learn how to cook things without a microwave, and make my way around Istanbul without knowing much Turkish.

Güle güle

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  1. There was a Dallas traffic fiasco this week--an 18 wheeler hit a bridge, traffic jammed endlessly. I thought of you new life without a commute. :-)

  2. How very exciting Alyson! Please keep sharing your stories, even if you think there's not much to share. We want to keep you w/ you! Also, I really like that the theater gives you a potty break! Genius!